Black History Books For Kids

February is Black History month, and although I have thoughts about Black History being history and it should be taught at all times, I could go on and on forever and that is a totally different post in itself.

I think that it is important for our children to learn this history – and not just children of colour, EVERYONE!

If you are looking for where to start I have a few recommendations of books that we own, and they are all available on Amazon!

I Am Enough

Hidden Figures
If you loved the movie (and I mean, who didn’t) you and your kids will love the book! 🙂

The Youngest Marcher

Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History
I have been following Vashti Harrison for a while now and her work brings me joy on a daily basis. If you don’t already follow her on Instagram- you must! This book is just beautiful, I am so glad that I bought the hard cover.

Meet Viola Desmond
With Viola Desmond being on our new $10 bill I knew that this book was an important one to get. We often talk about American Black History but this story is important as it shows the struggles that Black Canadians have had.

I am Harriet Tubman
I am Martin Luter Kin Jr
I am Jackie Robinson
The Ordinary People Change The World series are beautifully illustrated and easy to read with children. They spark great conversation and give a wonderful opportunity to talk race and the history of racism.

I would love to hear what Black History books you are reading to your children, I am always looking to grow my library!

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