Smokes Poutine World Poutine Eating Championship


If you have been a Milk and Coco reader for a while you know that we are BIG HUGE Smoke's Poutine fans.  Before babies this was our late night spot, the end to a great night out or a treat for Sunday football.  I am so excited that they keep expanding.  Even more excited that there is now a location in Oshawa 🙂


We have always enjoyed going to the Poutine Eating Contest – it is serious business.  If you've never been to an eating contest and you have the chance to take it.  It is pretty funny, gross and amazing all wrapped into one.


These guys (and gals) mean business!


I could not get over the amount of Poutine that they were consuming in such a short period of time.  


Some of them had their own rituals, drinks, and strategies to help them get as much poutine down the hatch in 10 minutes.  


Joey "Jaws" Chestnut (shown above right) won for the second year in a row by eating 24 pounds of Poutine.  Yup you read that right – 24 POUNDS in 10 minutes!

The weather was definitely not on our side but I had a total blast!  The crowd was fantastic and the rain didn't faze them one bit!  Check out my rainy wet video

Thanks Smoke's we had a blast!

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