Our March Break Adventure with Ford Canada

Sometimes I am a bit of a last minute Lucy, and this past March break was one of those times.  With the full time job, the blog and the kiddos things don't always work the way we want them too.  March break just snuck up on us and I was worried we were going to be doing a ton of Netflix and hanging out.  Then I heard from Ford and they challenged me to create a March Break adventure for the family, we were definitely up to the challenge.  They offered to lend us a Ford Escape for three days to assist with this adventure.  My wheels started turning, I wanted to take full advantage of this BEAUTIFUL loaner vehicle. So we decided to one day in the country and one in the city. Check out a little behind the scenes from my instastories below.

Day one found us heading out to Lakeridge Ski resort heading the tubing hill.  We had a blast!

Day two we headed into the city and caught a show at Medieval times!

As you can see, Shane was also a big fan of the Ford Escape and its SUPER SPEED! laugh

She Said – I am so glad that we decided to do a country/city adventure.  I wanted to see how the car would drive in both, as the terrain's are often quite different.  When driving in the country, streets are not always plowed or finished as well as city streets.  I felt safe and knew that we were prepared for whatever weather hit us and that most importantly my precious cargo was safe.  Driving into the city was a breeze and the park assist came in super handy.  

You may think that I am totally weird but my favorite part of the car is super tiny, but I am sure that it is a marriage saver. Ok maybe not that drastic, but seriously amazing.

If you can see in the picture above – just under the yellow arrow is 3 buttons.  These buttons are programmable and it remembers how the seat was positioned.  Every time that I get in our car after Shaun has driven I spend time getting things back to the way I like them.  We are not the same height and I like to sit up pretty straight and him more relaxed.  The fact that I could just get into the Escape, hit number 1 and in no time I was sitting just the way that I like.  It's all in the little things, am I right?

We had the most wonderful time and so glad that Ford had this super fun challenge for us!

He Said – When Amy asked if I would be up for a review I wanted to make sure it would be something I would have fun reviewing and ultimately safe for the family. The moment I heard it was going to be a Ford Escape I prayed it would have the 2.0 Ecoboost and it did! The three different engine options means you can customize it exactly how you want, a fuel sipper or a road runner. The instances you hear my son saying "Super Speed" is because, it is a different driving experience when comparing against our daily family mover with 180 horse power. Besides the engine performance, the transmission and AWD (all wheel drive) kept the car in control! I didn't have time to play with the paddle shifters and I didn't have a need. When I punched the pedal, there was no hesitation just power to move. The adaptive cruise control was a cool feature that was able to let me know when I was drifting out of lane but also managed my speed in highway traffic while cruising . The instrumentation cluster seemed overwhelming at first but after a couple drives I realized it was everything I needed. What can I say I loved driving this vehicle and enjoyed the family time. Thanks Ford for the driving experience for our #MARCHBREAKADVENTURE.  

As you can see my son (Shane) and I were speed chasers both on the road and on the hill!

We want to send a big huge thanks to Ford, we were provided with a car and compensated for this post but as you can see we had a wonderful time and big love for the Ford Escape!  Just check out how happy we are!  

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