Tangled: The Series from Disney Canada

If you follow along on my Instagram stories the past month or so you have seen that not only did we get a lovely care package from the folks from Disney Canada for the new Tangled Series.  Included was a great tip sheet for doing braids and they were nice enough to share the graphic with me.  Now you can do some new and fun braids on your little ones. 

Did you know that every Friday night at 7pm EST on Disney Canada you can check out new episodes from the Tangled series?  We are huge fans in our house.

We were able to attend a fun event last month at the TIFF Lightbox to watch a couple of the episodes.  I really love that Disney is creating TV series continuing the stories that we all fall in love with in the movies.  As you can see the kids were just a tiny bit excited – lol!

From a parents perspective I am really enjoying the series.  The show features not one, but two strong female characters and all of the characters you loved from the movie!  The lessons taught in each episode is stuff that my kids are going through daily – and it is great to chat with them after the episodes about what was happening, and what they learned.


My homework is to get my braid on – let me know if you give any of these styles a try!

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