So, We Went To A Conference

She Said

We have been in the blog game for 8 years now, YES 8 years!  But that does not mean that we know all that there is to know about blogging.  Social media is a crazy thing and it is always changing, and because of that we need to stay up to date.  We headed into the city to attend the last bConnected conference, and had a blast.  We stayed at the Renaissance Toronto and our room was inside the dome.  I found this seriously cool!  

We enjoyed the great keynotes each morning! I learned more about ad networks, how to use Instagram stories to my advantage (because I do them lots) and that my LinkedIn profile needs some serious updating.  The best part of the conference for me was bringing Shaun with me.  I have done lots of these conferences and I love them.  But I am always telling people about Milk and Coco, without the Coco.  Although the blog is my side hustle, I take it seriously and took advantage of the time to ask as many questions as possible!



He Said

I’ve been trying to get into a groove to be a more vocal partner on the blog and I’m going to be honest. I don’t always love sharing, but I do see the value it can bring as a tool to learn and share experiences. So when Amy asked me if I would be interested in attending this conference with her, why not.  If I’m going to learn what I need to do and what is expected from me as a “blogger”, this was the place to learn it over a weekend. Plus it was an opportunity for an excuse to go out for dinner afterwards 😉

I'm not one to brag about what I’ve been up to so this has been a challenge for me to eloquently share my experiences. . What I did notice was the under representation of men, however, I’ve heard there are other conferences in the US that would really amaze me and I would feel more inclusive.  If nothing else I walked away with a great new headshot and some new ideas!

Big thanks to Mostafa Photography for the amazing pictures!!

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