For The Love of Unicorn’s and Amazon Prime

If you follow me on Instagram and check out my stories you know that I am a huge fan of Amazon Prime and that I made out with some pretty incredible deals a couple of weeks ago on Prime Day!  I am thrilled to announce that for the rest of 2017 I will be working with Amazon Canada to bring you some amazing deals and round ups.

I am not ashamed to admit that at times I can be a real last minute Lucy.  I will also share that last Christmas just days before the big day, and they all arrived thanks to my Amazon Prime.  If you aren’t a member yet, give it a try – you will thank me later!

I am a real lover of unicorns – everything about them really.  I have mugs, pictures, pillows, I even dye my hair pink and purple!

Amazon has so many unicorn items, helping me to feed my healthy magical addiction!  I have picked out a few of my fav items that I may or may not be purchasing in the near future. 😉

  1. Pool Floatie  //  2. Pool Cup Floaties  //  3. iPhone Case  //  4. Cookie Cutter  //  5. Plush Adult slippers  //  6. Adult Onesie  //  7. Colour changing mug  //  8. Kids Backpack  //  9. Loreal Hair colour  //  10. headband  //  11. Tape Dispenser

Check back soon for some super fun summer picks from Amazon.  

I want to know – what did you last order from Amazon Prime?

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