My Adventure with Ford Canada in Muskoka

When Ford invites you on an overnight adventure with a bunch of amazing influencers you find a way to make it work and you join in on the fun!

If you are in the Greater Toronto Area you know that the weather we have been having has been….well, lets just say, WET.  Despite the dreary weather I had the most wonderful time and have 5 key takeaways from my time away.

1 – The Candy Shoppe in Orillia on Hwy 11 (on both sides of the highway) is a must visit. People – this place is no joke! To be honest I have never been in a place with so many options. I left with Japanese Kit Kats, Dr. Pepper flavoured Jelly Belly’s and licorices, different movie themed mint tins, a Yoohoo and so much more!  If you are a candy lover (and really who isn’t) this is a must stop on your way in and out of Muskoka!

2 – The Ford Escape is a damn smooth ride!  We were partnered up with another influencer for the trip and I got stuck Casey Palmer. HA! IN all seriousness I was glad to be partnered up with Casey – he is a good blogger friend of Shaun and I but we rarely get to see him in real life.  I’m pretty sure that I did not terrify him with my driving skills but you would have to ask him.

Although the weather was a pain I can honestly say that our drive was really pleasant.  Never once while driving did I feel uncomfortable or unsafe driving in the rain.  Quite the opposite actually.  The navigation system detoured us around traffic, finding the front and back wipers was really easy and I was always totally in control on the wet roads. I don’t love the rain, but test driving the Ford Escape in the rain really showed me how safe we were.

3 – The Sherwood Inn in Port Carling is nothing short of dreamy!  I stayed in the most beautiful lakefront cottage.  Not only did I have a King size bed all to myself, there was also a wood burning fireplace and a private dock right on the lake.  If the weather had been better I would have been able to walk right out into the water, it was so peaceful.  The grounds were gorgeous (even when wet), food was delicious and the staff were so lovely.  I would love to have a getaway just Shaun and I one day.

4 – Johnston’s Cranberry Marsh and Winery is a must visit in any season.  This family owned and operated cranberry marsh really has something for everyone.  We were there and chatted with staff for almost an hour and I really think we could have stayed all night.  You can bring your family to check out the cranberry harvest in the fall, rent skates or snowshoes and skate the man made path in the winter, or come for a wine tasting in spring or summer with friends.  They have the most lovely store selling wine, cheeses and the most delicious preserves made by Mrs. J (grandma Johnston).  There is nothing better than a place with a wonderful heartwarming story – you will find that here.

5 – The Ford Flex is STILL my dream car.  Yup, you read that right.  If I could have any car in the world right now, it would be a Flex!  It is just such a luxurious family car.  The park assist saves all the stress when out looking for parking, there is room to seat 7 and TONS of stuff, it covers all the little extra’s that really make life easier.  From grocery bag hooks in the trunk, remote start, rear view camera, Cockpit Integrated Display, and heated/air-conditioned seats! 😉 When I told everyone at the event that it was my dream car, they didn’t believe me.  I encouraged everyone to drive it so they could see why I was so in love.  Our little drive around Muskoka reminded me why I love it so much, and fired me up to get one sooner than later.   Don’t believe me – check out the picture on my vision board.  One day I will drive the Ford Flex Limited, until then I will look at it daily!

A big huge thanks to Ford for a lovely Muskoka adventure!



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