Creating a Kids Command Centre Just in Time for BTS

Keeping kids and all that comes with school organized can be a bit of a pain.  I have partnered with Canadian Tire to show you simple ways to stay organized and all the things in one place.

1 – Get yourself a big calendar

I love these Motherword ones.  There is tons of space to write and keep track of school trips, PA days and Pizza Days.  You won’t miss another theme day or dentist appointment.  I have a rule in my house, if it isn’t on the calendar it’s not happening!

2 – Store all the Stuff

I am totally loving this Canvas Evelyn Hallway tree because it helps my kids to stay organized.  A basket to hold mittens in the winter and baseball gloves in the summer.  Shane and Aria know that before anything happens when they get home they have to do their “jobs”.  This includes unpacking lunch bags, hanging up jackets, unloading all the other random things that come home with them.  The tree makes it easy because everything has it’s place.

3 – The Display

Let’s be honest, kids bring home tons of junk stuff.  I am not the sentimental type that wants to keep it all but there are items that deserve to be displayed for a while.  A simple roll of cork board is exactly what you need

4 – Get em involved

Theres nothing wrong with taking pieces and making them your own.  A sign and glittery initials (that they painted themselves) give them pride in their command centre.  Add some cute back packs and new indoor shoes that they love and you are ready to go!

Whats one thing you would put in your kids command centre to make the school year easier for everyone?

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