How Amazon is Helping My Lunch Packing Skills

300 lunches!

That is the amount of lunches the average child needs to take in one school year. This September I will have 2 young ones heading to school, that is close to 600 lunches.  I will be totally honest, I have had my share of lunch fails, so this year I am making sure that I have all the tools I need to not only stay organized but pack my kids lunches that they are actually going to eat.

I took to Amazon for some gear to pack as well as some food choices that I KNOW will work! If you have Prime like I do you will get them in more than enough time for school to start.



1 Ice Packs //  2 Mac & Cheese //  3 BB-8 Lunch Bag Set //  4 Insulated Lunch Bag //  5 Lunch Containers //  6 Ziploc Bags //  7 Mott’s Fruitsations //  8 Bento Box

I think that being prepared for all types of lunches will help me to be successful, ice packs ready to pop into lunch bags, a Bento Box for when I want to mix and match things, a little Mac & Cheese for the days that I am lost, and of course they need a lunch bag that they love!

What tips ad tricks do you have for packing a lunch that your kids are actually going to eat?

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