Getting University Ready with Amazon

I remember going away to college and all of the shopping that came with it.  There were so many things that I needed (and wanted) and it took alot of planning.  I was so dang excited to move away and get out on my own.

Well it’s been just a couple of years since I first moved out on my own and shopping has changed so much, and for the better.  Amazon Prime has been a live changer and students now have a change to try Prime for Students for FREE for 6 months and then get 50% off the fee off Amazon Prime after that.  I have never met anyone that has had Prime and not renewed.  It is just AMAZING!

From beauty products, to tech, clothes and lifestyle items.  Amazon has everything a college or university kids needs and will get there in no time!
1 Headphones  //  2 Toothbrush  //  3 Burt’s Bees gift pack  //  4 Samsung Tablet  //  5 Backpack  //  6 Socks  //  7 Puma Shirt  //  8 Brita Water Bottle  //  9 Adidas Leggings

If you are looking for ideas and motivation head on over to the Amazon Back to School Store.  I know that ordering my beauty products online would have given me more time to keep my heads in my books 😉

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