Getting Back to School Ready with Sport Chek

I am sure that I am not the only one that just wrote out the list of all the things they need for back to School and the list is massive cause their kids grew like weeds this summer.  Like seriously, my son has 1 pair of pants that fit him right now. 

When I start making my list for all the things we need when it comes to clothes and shoes I want to be sure the quality is great, there are lots of choices for the kiddos, and looking cute is great too!  Also, I want to be able to head into a store and cross clothes, shoes and accessories off my list and not have to go to many different stores.  Sport Chek is that store.

These outfits the kids have on from Sport Chek are super cute.  I am actually hoping I can find Aria’s pants in adult size and her top sends a great message. Shane loved how bright his top was and as you can see below these are clothes that they can be active in.  Which at there age is so important.

Not only do they have great clothes at Sport Chek but all of the accessories. Backpacks that are ready for all the tossing around they get, fun lunch bags and great sneakers.  It is so important to get good stable shoes for your kids as their feet are growing.  The great thing is Sport Chek has so many great styles and sizes there really is something for every kid and their personal style.

We are just about ready for the big day back thanks to Sport Chek  I also have a cute and casual outfit to wear when I walk them! Yup – that dress and sweater are also from Sport Chek.

If you are on the hunt for great products to get your kids through the school year I definitely suggest you head in to Sport Chek, stay tuned as I will be featuring some more great items from Sport Chek while I get back at it in the gym!


Disclosure – we were provided with some great products to review from Sport Chek, but all opinions are my own. 

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