For the Love of Coffee (and Amazon)


I mean, parents, you are with me right? The lack of sleep, total and utter madness to keep things running, coffee is your friend.  It just gets you!

Now, I’m not overly picky when it comes to my coffee.  Fresh with a little cream and sugar, with being hot as a total bonus. #MomLife

As you know I have a really cool partnership with Amazon and I had a ton of fun searching for all the coffee things.  Whether you like to press your own freshly ground beans, the convenience of a Keurig or only need to brew one cup and run they really have everything for every type of coffee lover!

1 – Kicking Horse Coffee Beans // 2 – Coffee Bean Grinder // 3 – Coffee Bean Container // 4 – French Press // 5 – Temperature Changing Mug // 6 – Coffee Mug Warmer // 7 – Single Serve Coffee Maker //  8 – First Coffee Shirt //  9 – Keurig Pods // 10 – Keurig Coffee Maker 

How do you love your coffee? I am super excited for my temperature changing mug to arrive – cause seriously, it’s awesome right?


Disclosure – I am a partner with Amazon Affiliates and receive compensation for my posts.

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