The Day Date

When you and your spouse both have full time jobs, the blog side hustle and two young kids it happens so often that your relationship gets pushed to the back burner.  Our discussions are usually about what’s for dinner or what needs to be done with the kids. I have written before about putting love in the Love Bank and it is really so important.

So, when Shaun had a couple vacation days on the go and I wasn’t crazy busy at work I decided that we should do a bit of a date day.  From the movies, to bowling and then go -karting it was really an awesome day!

We had a total hoot of a day. I encourage you to take a day with your spouse while the kids are at school.  The movie theatres are empty, let the high school kids laugh at you while you bowl.  Just enjoy each other having fun and not having to worry about anything else but each other.

Have you and your spouse done a day date?  Where do you love to go?

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