Jumping for Joy at Sky Zone

A couple weeks ago the kids and I got up nice and early to head over to Sky Zone in Whitby.  The kids had never been before but the second we arrived the excitement was popping out of their chests.

They put on their special orange Sky Zone socks and they quickly headed off to the Toddler Zone.  Parents of little children, this is honestly the best way to let the littles just jump around and let out all of that crazy energy that they have.  It was a total hoot!  They also tried a couple of fun jumps in the foam zone with a super soft foam pit below them and attempted to sink some baskets in Skyslam.

Now let me tell you that Sky Zone is NOT just for kids.

Do you remember playing dodgeball in your elementary school gym?  Well imagine doing it with adults on trampolines!  Looking to get into a new aerobics class?  Why not join the Skyfit class and not only burn calories but have a blast while doing it.

I hope that you will use the 15% off coupon code and head over to Sky Zone Whitby and have a blast.  Just use the MCCSZ2015 Code for a discount on jumping time when buying online!

Have you ever been to Sky Zone?  What was your favourite attraction?

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