Beautiful Holiday Decor from Plank It n’ More

You will quickly come to learn that I am at my happiest during the holidays.  I love getting together with family and friends, I love the traditions and I LOVE decorating my home.

A gal that went to my high school runs a business where she creates the most beautiful decorations for your home and she has recently come out with a holiday line that I just love!

I love the work that she does with nails and different coloured string.  I have purchased a couple of items from Plank It before and I just love them.  The Holiday Mail piece is currently on my wish list.  I love getting Christmas Cards and this is a beautiful way to display them.

If you are looking for a really original gift for your family or one that you love this Scrabble Piece wall art!
I encourage you to check out Plank it n’ More on Facebook and see what they are up to this holiday season!

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