The Accident

At the end of November last year, I was in a car accident!

If I am being totally honest it was the scariest moment of my life.  It all happened in slow motion but at the same time there was nothing that I could do about it.  The other driver was charged for turning when they shouldn’t have, but still, not a great situation.

It could have been a lot worse in many ways.

  • My kids could have been in the car.  I had actually just dropped them at before care and I was on my way to the Go station.  Luckily I was alone in the car.
  • I could have been hurt much worse, but thanks to a solid car and air bags my worst injuries were a minor concussion and neck and back pain.  I am not diminishing the fact that I have been struggling with getting back to work and pain.  But again, it could have been much worse
  • There were no other major injuries or fatalities.  As far as I know the other person walked away from the accident fine, and no other cars were involved. 

I have a few things that I have learned since the accident that I wanted to share with you:

  1. Know exactly where your insurance paperwork is.  As I sat in the ambulance after my accident the police officer wanted all of my things to start his report.
  2. Take care of your car – I am sure that because we did our regular maintenance on the car my breaks working as well as they did made the impact of the crash a little less.
  3. HAVE INSURANCE – although I have had a million calls and just as much paperwork I have been well taken care of.  We had a rental in our driveway just hours after the accident.  My physio and therapy has been covered and I have not had to worry.
  4. Get back behind the wheel – the best advice was given to me by my mother and she said get driving as soon as you can.  Doesn’t have to be a long trip, but get driving.  The longer you leave it the more difficult it may be to get driving again.

It has been quite the process, and I am still dealing with pain.  But I count myself very lucky.

Lucky the accident was not worse.

Lucky to have a spouse, family, friends that take great care of me.

Lucky to have an employer and colleagues who let me focus on getting well again.

We now have a new car which was a whole other process, more to come on that soon!

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