A New Desk, A New Interest in Homework

Where do your kids do their homework?

Until very recently ours were sitting at the dining room table which is not the most comfortable place for them to be.

The folks at United Canada Inc. reached out to us about a month ago to see if we would be interested in testing out desks for the kids.  Shane and Aria were obviously thrilled at the chance to have their very own desks.  They immediately cleaned out a space in their rooms in anticipation of the desks arriving.

Once the desks arrived I was amazed at how easy they were to put together.  In under 30 minutes we had two desks and chairs set up in their rooms.

The kids totally love their desks and I find them there all the time, whether it be working on school work or colouring.  My favourite function of the United Canada Inc. Kids desks is that they grow with them.  They are really easy to adjust to your child’s size, which gives you peace of mind knowing that they always sitting properly and that you have a desk that will last for years.

There are great cups to hold pencils and other nick nacks, a drawer that pulls out for storage and the desk top that tilts up. (which my daughter loves when she is colouring)

The desk also came with a couple of add on accessories.  The LED light has different settings and is able to be moved around depending on where they need the light.  We also received a book holder which my son loves as he is often using things that he sees in his books to practice writing or drawing.

It has happened more than once that after I put my kids to bed I find my son sitting at his desk writing a story.  Now that they have their own work space the eye rolls are not as big as usual when I ask them to sit down and practice their writing.

The desk that we received is the Avicenna and it really is everything that the kids need.  You should check out the site for all of their available desks and the awesome prices. Also, if you use the coupon code AMY you will get 10% off your kids product purchase 🙂

For more info on United Canada Inc. you can check them out on their website, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

If you are thinking of getting your child a desk I would highly recommend United Canada Inc.  They have several different options, price points and add-ons.  You are sure to find the one that is perfect for your child.


Disclosure:  We received 2 Avicenna desks as means of compensation for this post.  As always thoughts and opinions are our own.


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