The Back to School Bucket List – Things to Accomplish Before the Big Day

Summer break seems to have gone by so fast this year and with back to school looming, many are thinking about all the tasks they must complete before the big day. While school supplies, new outfits and functional backpacks may be on your mind, there is more to accomplish before the big day than just that.

July may have been packed with pool parties, beach days and delicious ice cream cones, but soon the dog days of summer will be winding down and your kids will be swapping their swim trunks for binders, pencils and books. Now is the best time to start a back to school bucket list of all the things you and your little ones want to accomplish before their return to school year structure.

Spend Time Outdoors

Being in nature can not only increase your positivity and energy but it also encourages your little ones to get active. Heading to a park, cottage or beach can help you and your little ones to relax and unwind before back to school.

Go Camping

While camping can be expensive, you don’t have to go much farther than your own backyard. Put up a tent in your backyard, grab a picnic blanket and sit under the sky to gaze at the stars while enjoying a delicious snack. Everyone needs a moment to relax and just take it all in, especially when back to school is coming fast. (just skip the campfire if you are doing it in your yard)

Read a Special Book

If you have a favourite book that you couldn’t put down when you were little, grab a copy and read it to your little ones. Tell them why you have always loved the book, look at the pictures and talk about the morals associated with the story. Not only will you be helping your child to develop their love of reading, but you will be creating fantastic traditions and getting them ready to learn at school.

Take a Technology Break

The entire family should take a tech break before back to school. This means you too. Go for a hike, take a bike ride or just spend time talking. Just be together in the moment. Not only will this make them feel valued, but it will also help them to get back into a routine that doesn’t involve technology for the day.

Visit out of Town Family

Not only does visiting family out of town offer yourself and the kids a change of scenery, but it also lets them visit their wide network of loved ones. Kids thrive when they know that they are cared for by several different people. Being surrounded by loved ones, creating memories is a great way to build their confidence before back to school.

Be a Kid

Between slumber parities, summer camp and other activities, your children may need a little bit of a break before returning to school. Allow them to take some time out to recharge their batteries doing something they love to do and join in on the fun with them. Build a pillow fort, dance in the rain or make mud pies. Summer is too short to waste it.

Get Your Routine Back

Over the summer routines seem to fall by the wayside. Your kids may have stayed up way passed bedtime and, on some occasions, even eaten ice cream for breakfast over this summer break. That will never fly over the school year. At least a week prior to school starting, start planning and coordinating schedules and routines. Getting everyone back on track is a good idea to ensure that the first day isn’t met with exhaustion.

Check out the School

If your little ones are starting kindergarten, beginning high school or have just moved to a new school zone, it is a good idea to get the familiar with their new surroundings. While you may be unable to check out the inside of the school, you can check out the playground and surrounding area. Visiting the school playground will give your kids a chance to meet some of the children that may be attending their school coming September and familiarize themselves with the area.

There are many ways to create a back to school bucket list this summer. Just remember to get creative and spend the last few weeks relaxing and enjoying with your kids. Time goes too fast and before you know it, the school year will be well underway.

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