Tricks for Getting the Kids to School on Time

Getting kids out the door and to school on time can be a lot more frustrating than it seems. There is never a guarantee that school mornings will go smoothly, often resulting in everyone rushing. While there are some things that can help you get your kids to school on time and without a fuss, sometimes the needs of adults and children just clash.

While everyone is different, most people, including children require some time to make the transition from sleeping to activity. Children tend to push back more if they aren’t given the time to wake up properly, causing the morning to go up in flames. The main problem though, is that many families just don’t have that extra flexible time to allow for slow wake ups or other things that can get in the way.

This is when it becomes important to reframe your idea of a morning routine, allowing for your children to connect with you emotionally and start the day on a positive note, readier to cooperate with you.

Early Bedtimes

If you find yourself having to wake up your little ones for school, chances are they aren’t getting enough sleep. If you find that you are dragging your kids out of bed most mornings, make sure to start a bedtime routine and have your children go to bed on time. This will not only help to ensure that they are up on time in the morning without a fuss, but its also good for their development and brain function, allowing for a more positive day at school.

Get Yourself to Bed on Time and Wake up Earlier

Your morning routine usually require infinite energy and creativity since your children depend on you to start your own day on a positive note. When you are exhausted, it’s much more difficult to be patient with your kids, and if you are running around attempting to get yourself ready, you will be unable to give them the assistance they need. Get yourself to bed in good time at night and wake up before your children to ensure you give yourself a chance to get organized and emotionally centered before you must interact with them. 

Prepare Ahead of Time

Involve the kids in planning things the night before. Have all brief cases, backpacks, lunches, clothes and coffees prepared before you go to bed. This will help to ensure that you are ready to go, instead of searching for everything you need three seconds before you have to leave.

Keep Your Routine Simple

Routines are meant to simplify your morning, so it shouldn’t be complicated. If that means having a simpler breakfast on school mornings, then so be it. Simple routines that revolve around brushing teeth, hair and washing up and eating should be a priority. If you have everything prepared the night before, the simpler your morning routine will be, making it much easier to get out the door on time every morning.

Getting your children prepared and out the door for school on time every morning doesn’t have to be a struggle. Just make sure to get the kids and yourself to bed on time at night, give yourself time to get ready in the morning before the kids wake up, prepare everything ahead of time the night before and keep it simple. Eventually, your school morning routine will work like a well oiled machine and the frustration will dissipate.

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