10 Easy Ways to Decorate for Fall

Tis the season of pumpkin flavoured everything, spooky ghosts and goblins and warm sweaters. Changing your décor to reflect the fall season will have you feeling the love of the autumn months right through Halloween until it becomes time to trade in the turkey and pumpkin décor for twinkle lights and reindeer. (which if I am being honest, is my all time fav)

Decorating your home for the fall months doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it can be down right easy, fun and doesn’t have to break the bank either.

1. Silk Leaves

Local craft stores usually have an abundance of silk leaves to choose from. Use them to press inside a picture frame and hang them on the wall or place them strategically among your shelves. No matter how you utilize this autumnal touch, it is sure to brighten you home.

2. Scented Candles

The fresh smells associated with fall can quickly transport you to an apple orchard, pumpkin patch or a thanksgiving table. Consider purchasing a few diffusers or candles. Not only will they engage your senses through smell, but they add colour to any otherwise dull space.

3. Lanterns

Lanterns are not only an interesting addition to the indoor décor of your home, but they make for a beautiful addition to your front porch. In fact, to save even more money, consider purchasing solar lanterns to hang on your front porch, bringing a touch of autumnal charm to your entryway.

4. Pumpkins and Gourds

Pumpkins and gourds are a great way to add season flare to your table, shelving units and even your front porch. Consider painting the pumpkins a different colour, or just leave them as is.

5. Throw Pillows and Blankets

Tis the season for cooler weather and what better to warm up and get cozy than with beautiful throw pillows and warm blankets? Choose autumn colours for your pillows and blankets and scatter them around on your couch for a warm and welcoming feel.

6. Festive Flowers

Filling vases with beautiful autumn flowers like sunflowers and chrysanthemums, add pops of warm colours to any table.

7. Fruit Displays

Fill large bowls with pears, apples and cranberries for a beautiful and colourful display.

8. Pinecones

This is an extremely inexpensive option for décor, especially since many people can find fallen pinecones in their own backyards. Display them in small bowls on tables to add little fall accents throughout your home, and these can be carried through to your Christmas decor.

9. Wreaths

Fall wreaths are a great way to decorate your front door, making it more welcoming and adding some amazing autumnal flare. You can either make your own or purchase one, either way, wreaths add a beautiful seasonal touch to your home.

10. Hay bales and Cornstalks

While you may not want a bunch of hay or cornstalks inside your home, they make for great front porch décor over the fall months. Couple these with pumpkins, lanterns, garlands and even potted mums to create a beautiful, welcoming entryway to your home.

There are several easy ways to decorate your home for the fall months. Just make sure you get creative and stick to warm colours and a cozy atmosphere.

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