Budget Friendly Ways to Decorate for Halloween

Whether you are seeking to impress trick-or-treaters, hosting a “Spook”tacular Halloween party or just love the whimsy surrounding Halloween, decorating for Halloween can get expensive. The truth is though, it doesn’t have to be. There are several budget friendly ways to decorate this Halloween without having to flatten your wallet or compromise on the spooky factor of your home.

Pumpkin Leaf Bags

These kill two birds with one stone so to speak. If leaves have already started to descend from the trees in your neighbourhood rake them into piles and pack them into pumpkin leaf bags. Not only will you be cleaning up the leaves from your lawn, but you will be doing some fun decorating in the process.

Mummy Lanterns

Use Mason Jars and cheesecloth to create spooky mummy lanterns. Simply wrap the jar in cheesecloth, place a battery-operated candle inside and arrange them on your porch.

Paint Your Pumpkins

Who said pumpkins had to be orange? Paint them with black chalk paint and write spooky sayings on them or turn them into black cats with googly eyes and cut out ears.

Use Solar Lanterns

Line your walkways with spooky solar lanterns. Not only will this make it safer for those visiting your home, but it creates a spooky low light to guide people to your door.

Scary Blood Foot Prints

Create a path of scary, bloody footprints outside that leads up to your door. All you must do is step into washable red paint with your bare feed and walk towards your entry way. This is a spooky way to show guests the way to the candy.

Ghostly Draperies

Using cheesecloth, create some tattered draperies to hang around the yard and in front of your front door. These will blow in the wind and add a spooky, eerie vibe to your entrance way.

Mummify Your Door

Using white streamers, wrap your front door, securing the ends to ensure they don’t fly off. Then use construction paper to create eyes and secure to the streamers using tape or a glue gun.

Decorating for Halloween doesn’t have to be expensive. There are several budget friendly ways to decorate for Halloween this year. Consider using items you already have around your home like leaves, mason jars, cheese cloth, red paint and even white streamers leftover for other celebrations. The possibilities are endless and terrifying, leaving your yard ready for Halloween and your wallet happy.

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