Get Your Girls Together For a Girls Night In!!

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you that women, and moms especially just do not spend enough time on themselves.  We tend to everyone before ourselves, and our girlfriends are really low on that list.  A few weeks ago there was an article going around on Facebook saying that it would benefit moms mental health if they took trips with their friends.  NO DUH!!  But the problem is we just don’t take the time to do it.

Well, my friends Kelsi, (KelsInWonderland)  Sarah, (Sleeping Is For Losers) and I decided that we would baby step our way into that idea and do a girls night in.  We’re talking comfy clothes, good food, a little beautification, and All. The. Laughs.

So we put our husbands on notice, pulled together some of our favourite things and the rest fell into place.

The week of our girls night a couple of gals from Perfect Party in a Box reached out to me.  The timing really could not have been better.  They sent us the most gorgeous box filled with premium products to add the perfect most beautiful touches to our evening.  From the plates, straws, plastic wine glasses and decorations each item was perfect.  If I am being honest, I wanted to go with the Unicorn package that they have, but in my heart of hearts I knew that this package better suited the evening 😉 They really did think of everything, and I will definitely purchase from them in the future.  No more running around to get party items, they are all delivered right to me in a PERFECT box. One thing we knew for sure was that we wanted to eat – and we wanted it to be YUMMY, and that we didn’t want to cook. Because let’s be real, it’s a moms night NOT an every other night!

Kelsi fired up her computer and we checked out Foodora, we ended up going with Pizza, cause you can never go wrong with Pizza.  We ordered and it was delivered in no time, with no fuss no muss!There obviously needs to be some sweets involved.  We picked these AMAZING cookies from Felix & Norton which were super yummy.  I was most excited to hear that the dough is now going to be sold in Loblaw stores across the country.  Nothing better than looking like an awesome and totally put together baker. 😉

The other sweet treat were the vegan Prosecco gummies from Squish.  We tend to have Squish at all of our events – and of course they have a unicorn so you know they are one of my favs. The best part of this evening was really just being able to catch up.  Not a 5 minute rushed conversation or random information tossed into a WhatsApp group.  We are talking real, how the hell are you guys doing conversation.  It was glorious.  You really don’t need a bunch of friends folks, just a handful of gals that love you for exactly who you are! The gals were pretty shocked that I had not yet taken advantage of my Amazon Prime account and started watching Jack Ryan yet, and after starting the first episode lets just say I am totally hooked.  I am totally convinced that Amazon is going to take over the world.  You are going to tell me you create awesome shows and can get my protein powder delivered to my house in a day – I’m sold! I brought this game Hashtag It that to be honest, has been sitting in my closet for a couple of months.  It was sent to me and as mentioned before, the time or occasion to play it had not happened.  This game is a total hoot.  Match a ridiculous photo, with a ridiculous hashtag and you will have many many laughs! Pampering myself does not happen as often as I would like, so I was happy to put in a little beauty time while with the girls. Kelsi ALWAYS has totally amazing nails and it is thanks to Kiss Nails. (Impress Press On Manicures) I have sat and had a conversation with her, chit chatting away all the while she is putting on a brand new set of nails.  I was super impressed with all of the options, from super trendy, sparkly, matte and classic sets there really is something for everyone. Our friends at Maskeraide sent over a handful of face masks to try out.  We opted to try these spot treatment mini masks, I mean look how cute they are. I have since fallen in love with the Rose Gold Peel off mask, it leaves my skin feeling like a million bucks.  Drinking Rose while doing it is optional, but I def recommend it. Last and certainly not least we all wore different style track pants and shirts from SportChek.  It was important that we be totally comfy, and if we are being totally honest these pants have been worn more times than I would like to admit.  One thing is for sure, we will not be waiting long before we do this again.  Girlfriends are important to fill your cup and I am so thankful for the ones that I have!


Disclosure – Some of the items for our girls night were provided to us, but my thoughts and opinions are always my own.  And a girls night is too sacred to fill we stuff we don’t love 🙂

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