Easy Tips to Encourage Innovation in your Kids!


Innovation can simply be defined as a new idea, device or method.

However, it can also be viewed as the application of better solutions.  So really we are out there innovating every day aren’t we? Striving to do things better, whether it be at home, school or work.

A simple “what if?” could lead to something amazing.  If kids are left to their own devices to try and solve a problem they will find unique ways to come up with a solution.  My son did go through a stage of using a roll of tape to solve just about every problem, but hey – he was brainstorming!

Here are some easy ways to encourage your kids to be young innovators:

1 – Keep Supplies on Hand – Hit up your local dollar store and fill a basket with some supplies.  I’m talkin glue, popsicle sticks, tape, construction paper, and pipe cleaners.  They now have the tools to create, problems solve and innovate!

2 – Find a Class – Look at your city rec schedule or local YMCA.  My kids are currently in a Constructables class that they attend every week for an hour.  They are presented with a project or a problem and have to solve it.  For example – on their first week they were given an egg and a bunch of materials and were told they would be dropping it from the level above and the goal is for the egg not to break.  Not a new problem, or new experiment at all.  But they were each attempting to find a better solution!  They still speak about that night, when they come across materials or ideas to keep the egg from breaking.

3 – Encourage, Encourage, Encourage – this one is easy!  Sit with them, build with them, read and imagine with them!  Ask the question “What if” and see what their answer is and encourage them to see it through.

As they get older hopefully they will continue to innovate and maybe even improve the lives of Canadians and those across the world.  Imagine that?

From science labs to the oil sands innovation is all across Canada and Imperial is working with The Ernest C. Manning Awards to recognize these amazing Canadians.

Imperial actively uses technology and innovation to improve how they work. This includes using drones for mine planning, and virtual and augmented reality for incident management and safety training. Just this week Imperial partnered with The Ernest C. Manning awards Foundation on the 2018 Symposium & Pitch Competition, which highlighted the 2018 Manning Innovation Award winners and three emerging innovators from the University of Toronto. The Innovation Symposium provided valuable insights and advice, leaving attendees inspired to persevere beyond challenges and get into action!

I encourage you to check out previous winners below:

Keep encouraging those young minds and who knows, maybe your not so little one will be at the Manning Innovation Awards one day 😉


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