2019 – Why Not Invest In Yourself?

I am not a New Year, New Me type of person! I actually really dislike when I see marketing teams use this type of messaging. It actually doesn’t make any sense, you know? You are the same you, we can just continue to work on ourselves.

When the New Year comes around we all tend to do a little self reflection and more times than not it isn’t a positive thing. People create all of these “resolutions” to make massive changes without being kind to ourselves while we make these goals.

This year I have decided to invest in myself in 2 ways. And when I say invest in myself – I definitely mean spend the moolah!

1 – Continuing on with my Personal Trainer
Is it cheap – nope? Am I getting results? Sure am!!
I really look forward to my training sessions every week. I know that I am going to get THE BEST workout and I use everything that I learn during my training sessions for when I am on my own at the gym.

2 – Educate Myself
When you work in the digital space things are changing EVERY DAY – and it is often hard to keep up. I have decided to sign up for Lynda.com (which is owned by LinkedIn) to take courses from the comfort of my own home. I can do it at my own pace and each course or class is different. It really is an easy way to keep my brain fresh!

What are you doing lately to invest in yourself? I would love to hear!

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