I’m With The Band

Working in the digital space I often get some pretty amazing opportunities.  Each a little different and amazing in their own way.  When I was given the opportunity to go to Norway to celebrate the digital release of the final How to Train your Dragon movie I obviously said yes.  This was one of those say yes first, figure out the rest after situations. 

I arrived in Norway incredibly excited and even a little nervous.  Peopling is totally my thing, but a press trip like this was new to me and I wanted to nail it.  I arrived at the welcome party and inserted myself into a groups conversation, chatted about how hungry I was and glad they were too.  It’s amazing how you can quickly learn who your people are.  Mine are the ones who hit the bar, sat near the carbs and were ready to share stories.  6 of us closed out the restaurant that night but little did I know the adventure that awaited me in Flam.

Our bus ride to Flam was incredibly scenic and a great chance to get to know my new friends.  3 Americans, a German, a gal from France and of course me…..the Canadian.  We pointed out yellow houses, had a coffee break at the most beautiful gas station ever and taught each other words in different languages.  We soon learned that to accommodate the number of people on the trip we were split into groups, and it just so happened that my 5 friends were in a group together and I was on my own.  I then did a thing that I hate to be done to me, because I have hosted and ran events and I knew how much organizing went into this trip.  But I asked to be switched because we just couldn’t break up the band.

That was it people – from there the band was founded.    In the next 12 hours we accomplished the following:

1 – A band name – Flamsbana – named after the train that came in and out of Flam

2 – A first Album name – “Water Your Own Grass” and several singles on the album

3 – A handful of lyrics – to “You should give it a go”

4 – And acquired tonne of confidence and chemistry already from our newly formed band!

As the trip continued the news of Flamsbana spread!  Jay Baruchel and Dean DeBlois were thrilled to have a hand in the bringing together of the band.  The Viking story teller concluded his story with a shout out to Flamsbana and a lobby performance was met with “lighters” from the Universal team!

It may be a while before we are able to perform together again, but I am so thrilled to say that I have made some great friends and am always excited to share random things with them in the Flamsbana WhatsApp group we created. Forever grateful to Universal for bringing us together. 



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