Our Adventure to LEGOLAND Toronto

I don’t know about your kids, but my kids just LOVE Lego! And other than stepping on a piece here and there I am also a HUGE fan. Give them a toy that let’s them be creative and give hours of quiet play time I am definitely on board!

I was really excited to bring them to LEGOLAND Discovery Centre because I knew that it would spark there curiosity and interest in creating new things with all of the lego that we have at home!

Being the Raptor’s fan that I am I was thrilled to see that they added a Raptor to the miniature land!

Aria quickly found a couple of friends and was happy to pose with them. I am always happy to see some diversity when we are out and about!

My kids are MASSIVE Ninjago fans so the Master Wu’s Mission was a huge hit.

The kids disappeared inside the play area to spin, climb, swing and train to be ninjas! They would pop out every 20 minutes or so to check and see if Shaun and I were ok and then head back in. Once they achieved ninja status were were sure to take a picture of them with their favourite ninja Lloyd! (see above)

When we were leaving we were sure to get pictures taken with them at an awesome photo opp with all of the Ninjago ninjas!

If you are heading to the Toronto LEGOLAND Discovery Centre I have a couple of tips!

1 – Buy the activity pack when you get there. It gives the kids items to check off their list as you go through the centre and they get a prize when they leave to take a little bit of LegoLand with them.

2 – Definitely do the 4D movie. It was a total hoot and the kids loved it!

3 – Grab a coffee from the Starbucks on site and just let your kids build. There is so much for them to do, just relax and let them create.

Big huge thanks to LegoLand for hosting us for a super fun adventure, we had a blast!

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