Canada’s Wonderland Fun for the Whole Family

Ready to explore!

When we created our bucket list in July we knew that going to Canada’s Wonderland would be right at the top of the list.  As the kids get older we are able to stay longer and go on more and more rides!

Ran into some friends

Planet Snoopy and KidsVille are usually the first stop to get in a little face time with our fav characters and hit up our fav ride the Ghoster Coaster!

“Patiently” waiting…..

We became really good at playing Eye Spy during our time in the lines.

Our two current favs at the park!

This year our fav rides were Thunder Run and Ghoster Coaster! If it was up to the kids we would have gone over and over and over through the mountain!

Said a quick hello to Ant Man!

We stumbled upon Ant Man and were able to grab a picture with him!

Barely survived the MineBuster

I LOVE Rollercoasters! They are my favourite thing. I was really excited that the kids were tall enough to go on the MineBuster – but let’s just say they may need a couple of years before they get on a big coaster again.

Having the BEST time!!

We spent a whole 10.5 hours at the park, and I honestly think that we could have done more!    Here are a couple of my takeaways:

1 – Get there early!  Better for parking and lineups in the park.

2 – Buy the unlimited reusable drink cups!  They are worth every penny and keep everyone hydrated.  The meal plans are pretty awesome too!

3 – Do the rides you want to do first – kids have more patience to wait at the beginning of the day.

4 – Just have fun!  Don’t worry if you don’t get to do all the rides.  We were there over 10 hours and didn’t see everything.


Big huge thanks to the folks at Canada’s Wonderland for providing us with day passes so that we could cross another item off our bucket list.  We had a total blast!

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