100 Days with our Resten Mattress

How old is your mattress?  Be honest! I feel like we are friends and you are not going to judge me too harshly when I tell you that we were about to go into our 14th year of owning our mattress.  I knew that we needed a new one – but it was hard to decide which one. 

One thing I knew for sure is that I wanted to support a Canadian company.  I was thrilled when I came across Resten, because not only are the Canadian but they are local to me in the Durham Region. 

So the kids and I headed into their showroom in Whitby and tried out the 3 mattresses that they offer.  I knew 2 things going in, 1 – I wanted to try out a foam mattress and 2 – I wanted a King Size mattress.  With their 100 night trial I was not stressed about choosing the wrong mattress for us.  We decided to go with the Luxe and I am incredibly thrilled with our decision!

I few things that we have realized since sleeping on our new Resten.

1 – Our bodies weren’t all old and rickety as we thought.  Turn out our mattress wasn’t doing our bodies any good.  My hops aren’t sore or popping when I get out of bed in the morning.

2 – Shaun and I have totally different bed times.  I am an early bird and Shaun more of a night owl.  With our old mattress I would feel him get into bed every time he came to bed and it would wake me.  Now, I don’t even feel him get in.  Same goes for whenever either of the little ones sneaks in.

3 – A king sized bed is luxurious and SO SO WORTH IT!  We can both star fish with space to spare.  The whole family can pile in for a movie night without smushing each other.  I am thrilled I decided to go for the king.

4 – Our mattress DID NOT have the smell that other people who buy OTHER mattresses in a box have mentioned.  There was no need to air anything out.  We opened it, unrolled it and basically went to bed on it!

Now I want to share the best sleep you are going to have at an amazing discount.  My friends at Resten have offered a 25% off discount to Milk and Coco readers and followers.  All you have to do is use the “milkandcoco” .  With shipping being free and the 100 night guarantee you really have nothing to lose!

I will be back to share more of my thoughts on my Resten Mattress in a couple of months to let you know if I am still in love with the sleep I am getting!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but as always thoughts and opinions are my own.  This mattress really ROCKS!

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