Girls Getaway at Elmhirst Resort!

When you become a mom there are so many things that get put on the back burner, and a huge one is hanging out with your girlfriends.  You rarely talk on the phone anymore, you get back to texts so much later than you would like and in person hang outs are few and far between.

When Attractions Ontario came to me to see if my girlfriends and I were up for an EPIC weekend away at Elmhirst Resort it did not take long for me to say yes.  We put the husbands on notice, packed our bags and drove up to the family owned Elmhirst Resort for a weekend of fun!

The Elmhirst Resort hosts themed weekends and this one just so happened to be the Wild Women’s Weekend.  They had lots of activities set up for women to take part in, but I would definitely say that you do not need a themed weekend to attend with a group of gal pals.  This place was just perfect.

When we arrived they had a sign up for shotgun shooting and I honestly wasn’t super interested.  Thank goodness I signed up because I had the absolute best time.  The patriarch of the family, Peter lead the exercise and I absolutely adored him.  He was so kind, and taught me how to blow a pumpkin away, it was hilariously awesome.  While we were all out shooting Peter’s wife Anne joined us, brought her husband coffee and chatted with us more about the resort.

The resort has a wonderful spa that we visited not once, but twice!!  I went in for a hot stone massage but my masseuse Martina (the manager of the spa, and wife to the GM of the resort) was not having it.  Like many people who sit at desks all day our necks and backs are just a mess.  She took the massage to the next level and got ALL the kinks out.  We chatted  throughout the entire massage and had many giggles! We had such an awesome time at the spa that we immediately tried to get in for pedicures the next day!  Martina took wonderful care of us and made us feel completely at home.

We were lucky enough to check out the wine cellar, taste some wine and learn more than I have about wine in 20 minutes compared to any of the wine tours that I have done.  Greg Elmhirst hosted us in the basement of a building that his great grandfather built and has now been transformed into a wine cellar.  The wine cellar tour can be found on the recreational schedule and you can also book it for small groups.  I would definitely recommend it!  Greg is now the GM of the resort with his parents and brother still living on the grounds and working at the resort as well.  When I tell you it was a family affair I mean it.  I said over and over, to whoever would listen that it really is a testament to the Elmhirst Resort and what it is like there.  To grow up there, stay there and work there, guys it was really a special place.

After our wine tasting we headed over to Bingo which was hosted by a lady by the name of Wilma.  Wilma has worked at the resort for 34 years and we were told that she basically knows everyone that works at the resort. We didn’t win anything but man did we ever have a hoot!

Our evenings were spent in our beautiful 3 bedroom cabin, right on the lake, relaxing in front of the fire just chatting, catching up, laughing, crying, snacking – ALL THE THINGS!

On Sunday the resort hosts an AMAZING brunch that is open to the public and the food was just incredible.  There was a man playing the piano as we ate, and boy did we ever eat.  I feel that a Sunday in the near future I will be making the trip for brunch and probably another massage with Martina.

To end our trip we were able to head up to the farm and feed their horses, which were just magical and then the hens.  If you follow me on Instagram you know that I was maybe the most excited about these hens.  I could have sat there for hours chatting with them and feeding them but the weekend needed to come to an end.

I encourage you to call up your girl friends and get a date on the books.  I know it’s hard, but we need to put love into all of our relationships.

A big huge thanks to the Elmhirst family for such a wonderful weekend, it truly was exactly what I needed.  My cup was so full and I was re-energized when I got home to my family!

You can check out more about the resort HERE!

We also want to thank our good friends at Attractions Ontario for helping to put this together!  If you are ever looking for great travel ideas in Ontario you should check them out HERE!

And Lastly to our friends at Peterborough and the Kawarthas!  The area is just beautiful and a super close to us here in Durham which is awesome!  They have a super handy website that you can plan a fun getaway for your anyone.  Check them out HERE!

Disclaimer – we were hosted for this girls getaway – but all of my opinions are my own.  This trip really was super awesome!

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