Holiday Book Advent Calendar

Growing up we always had the chocolate advent calendars, but we did that for the kids one year and they weren’t super interested so I switched it up and have been keeping it up year after year. 

Step 1 – you need holiday focused books.  This can be done for Christmas or Hanukkah. I do 24 books, you can also do 12 (12 days of Christmas) or 7 for Hanukkah.

These do not need to be brand new books.  That could be pretty pricey.  I went to stores like Once Upon A Child and VarageSale to buy a bunch used.  I also bought packages of books off of the kids book fair or Scholastic Sales.  I have picked up a few that I wanted to be in the calendar specifically The Night Before Christmas.  Keep in mind that as the kids get older that you may want to swap some out for books that they can read themselves.  Which is why buying some second hand is a great idea! 

Step 2 – wrap each book individually and number each of them randomly.

Step 3 – For night 24 (Christmas Eve) I wrap The Night Before Christmas and a new pair of Joe Fresh Christmas PJ’s.

There are some days that we may be busy and miss a book – this just means that we get to read two the next day.  Every night, the four of us pile on our bed and read the book together.  It is just another beautiful tradition that we have started together and I look forward to it daily for those 24 days.

What is your fav Christmas book?

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