Why You Should Have Sabra in Your Fridge at ALL Times!

Alright guys – December is just around the corner, which means the holidays are coming at us fast! Save this post and be ready for your holiday party guests to be full of compliments for the super yummy appi that you serve.

1 – Spread Classic Sabra Hummus on your favourite cracker/thin bread
2 – Cut figs into quarters and place on crackers
3 – Drizzle honey over dates/crackers
4 – Sprinkle crushed pistachios over crackers

Et Voila! Guys this is so easy, so yummy and will really step up your appetizer game.Β 

Also – keep a container of your favourite Sabra on hand at all times, you never know when someone may drop in. Chop up some veggies and you will be good to go! Our favourite is Supremely Spicy and it is so great on its own!

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