Something They Want, Something They Need, Something To Wear and Something To Read

Something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read. I always keep this in mind when I am shopping for my kids for Christmas! Going about presents this way really helps us to stay on track as well as stay on budget!


When shopping at Mastermind Toys it is really so incredibly easy to find something that my kids want! This store is full of everything you can imagine to bring out the creativity and imagination in your kids. I picked up a really cool circuit board that Shane is going to love, a board game for the whole family and this Creatable World doll that Aria loved because she had hair just like hers.

I promise that when you are searching for the perfect gift that your kid is really going to WANT, Mastermind is going to have it. I encourage you to head into the store and if you feel lost ask the staff for help. They were really helpful when I was in store!


This category is not a super exciting one, but I think that it is important for the kids to see that the things we buy them often are gifts in themselves. Have a hockey player in the house, tape is a perfect gift? Already outgrowing their indoor shoes? Lost all but one pair of mittens? Socks and Underwear! (cause they always need those) And in our case Shane lost his swimming goggles and has been without them for a couple months – this is the perfect gift that he needs. All these and more great gift ideas can be found at Sportchek.

What is a gift that your kids NEED right now?


When shopping for clothes for the kids I am looking for great quality clothing as well as something they actually WANT TO WEAR! We are looking to avoid that itchy sweater that you have to beg them to wear. I shop at Sportchek because they have all the name brands that you can trust, and hey – while you are there why not pick something up for yourself too!! We are MASSIVE Raptors fans in our house and these pixel t-shirts of Spicy P and Freddie V are a BIG HIT!


Growing up I really loved to read, and I am so glad that my kids enjoy it also. Shane has really been into graphic novels for a while just zipping through book after book. I honestly think that part of their success in reading is because I have also encouraged them to read books that they enjoy reading…..farts and all! (I’m lookin at you Captain Underpants!) Whenever I go into Mastermind Toys looking for advice on books I am met with amazing suggestions and recommendations that are always a hit! I am excited to get Aria started on a brand new series of books, and of course add to Shane’s growing library!

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