A Quick DIY Upcyle for Couch Cushions

When we moved into our home just over 6 years ago I wanted to find a couch that fit all four of us and was comfortable.  I didn’t want it to be super fancy or something that we risked staining.  I wanted a good ol’ family couch and we found the perfect one at Leon’s and on sale at that!

Well 6 years later the cushions are……. Let’s say……..flat.

The last thing that I want to do is get rid of the couch and just toss another thing into the landfill – but the couch is no longer comfortable.

After much brainstorming about how we could do a little fixing we remembered the foam that we had in our basement that we planned to bring to the dump!

While I emptied all of the fluff out of the cushions Shaun measure the size of foam that we would need per cushion. When all was said and done we used foam for each of the cushions as well as all of the fluff that we removed.

The couch looks brand new and we kept a couch and a bunch of foam out of the landfill!  I say win win.

Next time you think that you need new furniture we challenge you to explore ways that you can possibly upcycle and use things that you already have available to you!

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