The Kid Who Would Be King Party

For Shane’s birthday he decided that he wanted to invite his cousins and good friends over to watch his favourite movie, the Kid Who Would Be King!

We wanted to do a couple of fun things in the theme starting with the invitation.  I used Canva which is super handy to me more often that I can admit.  I created a colouring invitation to send out as well as movie tickets to collect when people arrived to the party.  My father loves to colour in his sheet and bring for Shane’s inspection!

I wanted to put my Cricut to use and do some decorations and shirts for us to wear.

The Happy Birthday banner is super beautiful and was incredibly easy to make.  This was my first project using paper so I found a banner that someone else had already designed making it super easy!

Then we decided that we would make t-shirts on theme.  A King Shaun, Queen Amy, Prince Shane and Princess Aria.  These ones I did myself!!  I was a little nervous to do my first unique design but they worked out great!  And I am happy to wear clothes that call me a Queen anytime!


More info on the Cricut Explore Air 2 HERE

More info on the Easy Press HERE

Shane’s movie birthday party was a huge hit!  How I have an eight year old I have no idea!!

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