The Bored Box


Summer has arrived and it definitely looks much different than it has before for our kids.  In person summer camps are cancelled but that doesn’t mean mom and/or dad don’t need to work.  I was having a conversation with my friend Sarah and we were discussing how we were going to keep the kids busy and entertained and most important doing most of this busy-ness independently. 

After our call I thought of the “Bored Box” Just a simple box, that I would take a portion of what my camp budget would be and fill the box with all sorts of items.  Some of these items will stay in the box all summer – like journal, curriculum books, science experiments, drawing and art supplies. While other items will be added weekly, like water balloons, specific one time crafts, puzzles etc.

This way – the kids can proactively head to the box when they are looking for something to do.  Is it going to be perfect?  Of course not!  Are they sometimes going to need a little help getting started on new activities? They sure are!  Will it come in handy when both mom and dad have work to do and need a bit quiet time.

The goal this summer is Monday through Friday to TRY and limit screen time.  I have created coupons for TV, Laptop and XBOX time that the kids have to hand in to get on the screens.  Every Monday I will put the coupons back in the bored box for the new week.

These items will always be in the Bored Box:

We will always have curriculum books for them to work in, journals to write in, craft and drawing paper and science and outdoor activity books!

The following are items that we will be adding in on a weekly basis!  Be sure to check in to see what fun items get added to the Bored Box!

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