Cheering on the Raptors in Style Thanks to Ruckify

If you are a regular follower you know that we are HUGE Raptors fans in our house, and I so wanted to celebrate the season officially starting again but due to COVID-19 we just can’t shove all the fans into our family room like we usually do.  At first I was thinking that we drag our TV outside, which really, isn’t totally convenient.

When I was talking to the team at Ruckify they were like – oh Amy, we can make that night AMAZING and did they ever!  We had a projector, massive screen and popcorn maker for half time!  This way we were able to spread out seating but everyone was able to get a great view of the game.  It was so incredibly cool! 
Have you ever heard of Ruckify?  They are basically the AirBNB for EVERYTHING!  Looking for a stand mixer to bake a few cakes?  Why not rent one for a week!  Have a nasty pool cover that needs a quick clean? Why not rent a pressure washer for a weekend.  Better yet – have some awesome tools?  Why not rent them and make some extra money?
While looking at the site I found SO MANY options for things for kids and families to do.  Want to take your family camping for the weekend – they have tents to rent!  Has staying home been stressful for your kiddos?  Why not rent a bouncy castle for the weekend.  Guys – I even found a tandem bike – so fun!!
You think this is all awesome right?  Of course you do.  But, it gets better!  For every new sign up they plant a tree!  For every app transaction they plant a tree!  For every review, they plant a tree!
Oh, and sign up using the link in my bio and you will get $35 ruck bucks right into your account!  That’s enough to rent a canoe!
We are going to be listing a couple items for rent this weekend!  Give it a try and let me know what you think.
I’m off to write a review for the items that we rented to get more trees planted!
Disclosure – This post is sponsored, but as always opinions are our own! Ruckify is AWESOME

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