Holiday Recipes with Envy Apples

The holiday season is in full effect at our house and what that means is on weekends we watch Christmas movies!  Sometimes it’s the classics that we watch as a family and sometimes it is the perfectly cheesy new romance ones that I make Shaun watch with me. 

What’s better than putting your pj’s on, snuggling up with your love and watching a little romance?  All you need is a fab charcuterie board and it’s pretty much perfect!  For this board we added some Envy apples, which was the perfect touch as they are the perfect amount of sweet and crisp!

I got my apples at my local Superstore, and they can also be found at Sobey’s, Farm Boy, Fortinos, Loblaws and Walmart.

If you check out the Envy website they have put together a few easy and super yummy recipes for your next movie screening at home.  I have put a couple below that we will definitely be trying out.



I loved adding the apples to this board, I’m a fan of having something to pick at during a movie. Mixing the sweetness of the Envy apples with the meat and cheese was really tasty.

So whether it be a family movie night or a romantic movie for two, there is a yummy recipe from Envy that will be perfect for your viewing experience.  We have already decided that the caramel apples will be happening next weekend for family movie night!


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