Discovering Traditions and Holidays with Osmo

Now more than ever we are turning to unique ways to keep the kids excited about education.  We have been online learning for 3 months now, and although it’s going really well, I am always looking for fun ways to keep learning fun! This is where I incorporate the Osmo into their learning, in a super fun way. 

We have had our Osmo for 2 years now, and the kids still love it as much as the day we got it.  There are some games that grow with them, and others that we have gotten along the way. I think that it is important that when buying tech for your kids, you know that it will grow with them, and keep them engaged in different ways.

During the holiday season we often discuss our traditions as well as the traditions of those in different countries around the world.  In our house every Christmas we make homemade spice bun to eat with cheese.  We used to buy it, but decided that we should learn to make it ourselves as it was such a big tradition for Shaun growing up. This was such an awesome family project taking something that was Shaun’s family tradition and incorporating it into our Christmas traditions. Other traditions include cutting down our own Christmas tree, hanging stockings and baking cookies!

We were so excited to be gifted the Detective Agency game!  The game has the user solving problems all while travelling the world.  We have used this game to talk about different traditions and holidays that other people in different places would celebrate.  Although we celebrate Christmas at home we have chatted about Diwali, Hanukkah and other holidays and where they are celebrated.

I am always so happy to see the kids playing on the Osmo, it really is the type of screen time that I can get behind!

You should check them out HERE and check out all the games and fun activities that Osmo offers. 

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