The Perfect Space Fort Kit Made with Cricut Joy!

When Shane and Aria were younger they loved making forts. Who am I kidding, they still do!  When I was thinking of a fun way to bring my nieces love of space and astronauts together with a Cricut project I thought why not merge that love together with a tent making kit.

With my Cricut Joy and Easy Press I put together all that she would need to build the perfect spaceship and fly to the moon.

First – She would need a large sheet that her parents could help her drape over a couple of chairs to make this spaceship.  Of course I used my Cricut Joy to create some stars so that she could gaze up at them when laying in her fort.


Second – A pillow case just for her!  Want to make sure she is comfortable when lying down in her spaceship

Third – She’s going to need a uniform!  Using Infusible Ink I was able to create this shirt for her when she is flying to the moon! 

Last using Infusible Ink I made sure to create the perfect bag to carry all of her space items in, so it can all stay together and she can grab and go, whenever she is ready to fly into space!

I love my Cricut Joy and it really makes craft projects super easy.  Because it is compact I was able to pick it up and do this project in my kitchen where I had more space.  Shane and Aria were super excited to be able to help with this project – because they know how awesome a good fort can be! 


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