Slime – But Make it EASY and SPOOKY

 I’m gonna be totally honest with you!  I’m really not a huge fan of slime.  When the kids were younger I thought that it was so so messy so we really just didn’t make it very much.

Now that they are a little older I thought let’s make some Halloween Slime – but as easy as possible.  Some of the “recipes” call for so many things and TBH I am looking for the least amount of steps to bring the most amount of fun!

After less than 5 minutes on Amazon I was able to find everything that we needed to make some fun Halloween themed Slime:


Slime Magical Activator – This is what makes it EASY

Orange Food Colouring

Foam Balls – To add some Pizzaz!

Containers – to give some slime to friends 🙂

When I tell you that the Magical Slime Activator is magical I mean it.  It makes making slime super easy to do, with no guessing if you are doing it right or not!
The kids basically did this all on their own – I was just there to watch and make sure that they wouldn’t need any help…..and well, they didn’t.

Once the slime was done they said that it felt like pumpkin guts.  So that is what we are calling this halloween slime – PUMPKIN GUTS!

We put some in containers for friends and now they have it ready to play with whenever they want.  We are already brainstorming holiday slime that we will be making in the near future.

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