How to Choose the Right Food Subscription Box

We are a busy family!  Two working parents with two incredibly busy kids.  Weekdays after work can feel like a panic some days, because we just don’t know what to eat.  If we don’t plan ahead we end of having to get take out or we are stressed out trying to throw some kind of meal together for the four of us.

We have come across this AWESOME site that has done the research when it comes to meal subscription boxes, and they also have some discount codes!

Meal Kits Canada has done all the work to help you to pick the perfect meal kit for your family.

They have this awesome table that asks how many meals I want delivered a week and how many people are in my family and it gave me great insights into the different offerings.  It broke it down to serving cost, shipping costs and weekly totals!

If you have ANY questions about Meal subscription kits they have answered it HERE

From – Are there delivery fees? Is food locally sourced? Are there vegetarian options? And more!  If you have questions I’m pretty sure they have the answer.

With so many subscription boxes out there it is hard to decide which one may or may not be right for you.  We want something that is going to make our life easier, but we certainly do not want to be throwing our money away.  This is where Meal Kits Canada made the choice so incredibly easy for me. 

After filling in their kit chart I was able to find out what companies would be able to accommodate our family of 4 for the 3 meals a week. 

Did I mention that they have special discounts  and rates for those that go through Meal Kits Canada?

I am super excited to get our first delivery next week from Chef’s Plate!  I will definitely let you know how it goes.  In the meantime – if you are on the fence and thinking of doing a Meal Kit Subscription to make your life a little easier.  I highly recommend checking out meal subscription box services in Canada not only will you find the right match for you and your family – but you will probably get a discount too!  WIN WIN!

I am excited to be spending much less time worrying about what we are having for dinner and spending more time cooking fun new meals with my kids and enjoying the extra time as a family!




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