Christmas Crafts – Pom-Pom Garland

To kick off our Christmas crafts we decided to start with something simple but a great statement piece.  Yarn just so happened to be on sale at Michals so we bought a bunch in holiday colours.  

To make pom-poms we used a pom pom maker but you can easily use cardboard.  We each took a colour and got to it.  Making pom-poms is actually really easy, but kind of time consuming.  So we put on a Christmas movie and got to wrapping yarn.

Once we had a bunch of pom-poms and in different colours we fed them through a white piece of yarn to create a garland.

What are we going to use the garland for…….good question.  I have a couple of ideas. 

1 – This is the perfect way to display and Christmas cards that we receive.

2 – When we host Christmas dinner I was thinking of putting out the camera so that the kids could take pictures and then we will have somewhere to display them.

3 – A little something to wrap around the banister to the basement as I do not have any more greenery

4 – The kids can use some for their miniature Christmas trees.

Whatever we choose to do with it will be super cute.  If you are looking for a super easy craft to get you started this is definitely the one. 

Looking to buy pom pom makers?  You can find them HERE

If you want to try and make your pom-poms with cardboard check out this video:

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