The Hasbro Wishlist!

It is no secret that we are huge Hasbro fans in our house.  There are so many toys and games that we all love in our house. We have put together a fun list of Hasbro favs for you to check out, we are sure that there is something perfect for all the kids (and adults) on your list!

Beyblade Burst is a household favourite!  We often have tournaments at home, and Shane and Aria take choosing their blades for each battle very seriously.  We currently have a giveaway on our Instagram that ends on Thursday November 30th that you don’t want to miss.  Enter HERE

The new Star Wars Lightsaber Forge line is really fun!  Whether you are a Jedi or a Sith there is a lightsaber for you!  As a parent I just love this line as it is compatible with past Hasbro Lightsabers.  Shane and Aria have been combining them all to make some pretty epic Lightsabers.

There are some really neat new versions of Monopoly. Monopoly Builder takes buying property one step further by having you build right on the game board.  We are pretty serious Monopoly players in this house, how about you?

Who loved Hungry Hungry Hippos? Hungry Hippos Launcher  takes an old fav and ads a new launching technique.  Lots of laughs to be had when playing this with your family!

Disney Princess Royal Shimmer dolls are perfect for the Disney lover in your life.  Grab a few and watch as they use their imagination playing with these beautiful princess dolls.

Foosketball is a game that never goes away at our house.  It is a super fun mix of basketball and table soccer and we play A LOT!  It’s super easy to set up and play.  We will be giving away a Foosketball game to one of our Instagram followers next week.  If you don’t already follow us – be sure to follow us HERE. 

Shane LOVES Nerf! So when we saw that there was a Roblox blaster he was thrilled. The Nerf Roblox Adopt me Bees! Dart Blaster came in pretty handy when we came across the Abominable snow man last week!  As a surprise for Christmas I am putting together a peg board display of sorts for all of his Nerf products – as he is getting a few for Christmas also.  I’m sure I will document how that goes also, so stay tuned.


The Game of Life: Super Mario Edition is the perfect combination of a classic game and classic video game characters.  If you have Mario lovers in your house this is the perfect game for them.

With the new Ghostbusters movie out Hasbro has come out with a super fun line up of Toys.  The Ghost Busters Proton Blaster is just one of the Ghost Busting tools you can get to role play and imagine yourself chasing after slimmer!


I love having card games in my purse for the kids to play when they get bored. Whenever we go out for dinner I have something in my purse to keep us busy when we are waiting for our food. The new Monopoly Bid is the new go to and keeps us busy when we have some down time, it’s super fun!

If you have any questions about any of the toys in the post, or others that you have seen us share on Instagram don’t hesitate to ask about them if you have any questions!

Disclaimer – this post includes affiliate links.  Any purchases made from clicking on these links will provide a small payment to Milk and Coco. 

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