Winter Birthday Adventures with BMW

A couple of months ago our friends at BMW Canada asked if we would be interested in borrowing a fleet car to test it out for a weekend.  Obviously we said yes, and I was super quick to request the X3 PHEV.  We currently own a Plug-In Hybrid and absolutely love it.  With Shane’s birthday coming up I knew that this would be the perfect weekend to test it out.  We were ready for a winter extravaganza heading out to places in our community (Durham Ontario) to celebrate in style.

One thing that Shaun and I have learned is that our experiences with things are often different.  Something that is a deal breaker for me may not be something that Shaun finds of important at all.  So when it comes to reviewing things we have a She Said, He Said section to you can hear exactly what we each thought about our experiences.

She Said

In times like these, when gas is so incredibly expensive a Plug-In hybrid vehicle makes complete and total sense, and BMW does it in style!  My absolute favourite thing about driving in a PHEV is that I save SO MUCH money on gas.  The weekend that we had the X3 was VERY snowy.  It seemed that every evening that we hit the road it started to snow, and the entire time I felt so incredibly safe, the car handled like a dream.

We had more than enough trunk space for all of the winter activities we were doing and an incredibly comfortable ride for all of the passengers.

BMW really covered all of its bases with the “extras”.  The heated seats and steering wheel kept me warm when driving, the heads up display is a really nice touch and keeps me from speeding and the extra large display and camera system made parking a breeze.

When you get a chance to drive a luxury vehicle it is really hard to give it back – lol!  Let’s just say that this car has made it’s way onto my vision board.

He Said

What a lucky guy I am. I mean I got to drive around town in a “smell that brand new leather” BMW X3 30e.  This car was an amazing experience to drive. There were some software hiccups I noticed with the bluetooth but I’m sure if I reset things it would’ve worked its way out.

Did I mention this is a PHEV? Plug-in Hybrid EV means you can charge the car at home to get some around town e-miles, for longer trips you will be using the gas engine.

I drive a PHEV myself, and with a full charge it is quick around town and on the highway.  The X3 is quick, fast, athletic, sturdy I felt like a bully on the roads!  I definitely noticed other cars treating me differently on the road, or I just never realized how much fun driving can be in a luxury car!

The built in Amazon Alexa was a cool feature and there are so many actions Alexa can do. For example saying “Alexa Sport mode” turns the dash screen red. The engine note lowers and the RPM kick up a notch. I don’t think my seat changed but I certainly sat up and was ready to rock the road. In hybrid mode the 30e was unbelievably quiet with low throttle on open roads or in the city. I was thoroughly impressed and wondered why this was my first time driving a Beamer. You know the saying you won’t miss it if you’ve never had it, well, now I want it.



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We had the perfect weekend celebrating Shane’s birthday and rode in style the entire time.  Big Huge Thanks to BMW Canada for loaning us the X3 xDrive 30e  we had a total blast!

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