City Adventures with The Chelsea Hotel

It feels like time is moving so quickly – I can not understand how it is March break in a number of days.  If you are like me and are trying to figure out what the heck to do over the March break we have a couple of suggestions for you.

If you are able to get away we HIGHLY recommend the Chelsea hotel in Toronto. It is one of our absolute favourite places to spend as a family.  They have many different room options with Family Fun Suites, Studio Kitchenette’s and the classic Chelsea Rooms.  This visit we had adjoining rooms, which the kids thought was a total hoot and Shaun and I enjoyed a bit of quiet time.  A win-win for the four of us.

The hotel has a SUPER awesome pool with a slide “The “Corkscrew” which they both went on over and over again. The lifeguard was super lovely and gave the kids a quick swim test before they went on the slide.  I thought this was so awesome and reassuring for everyone’s safety in the pool!

We love the Chelsea for many reasons but one of the top ones is its proximity to all the fun things in the city. To be able to walk out of the front door and in minutes you find yourself at Dundas Square.  The kids thought the view from their balcony at night was just unreal.  Shaun and I were excited to show them our old fav spots in the city.

We headed out Saturday afternoon to Dundas Square to check out Little Canada and had so much fun.  It is a scavenger hunt mixed with little replicas of our AMAZING country.  All of the staff was super encouraging and helpful when it came to the scavenger hunt.  We sat at many parts of the instillation waiting for it to turn to nighttime and then daytime again.  I am so excited to see it grow and get larger as they expand with creating more parts of Canada.

We definitely encourage you to get tickets and head to Little Canada with your family during March Break or beyond then as they plan to be sticking around for a while.

We also were sure to visit my favourite Jellies at Ripley’s Aquarium!  They are currently doing timed tickets, which is awesome.  Definitely a super fun activity to do during March Break!

March Break is for making memories – and if you are thinking of heading into the city you should check out the March Break Promos at the Chelsea.  They offer exclusive attraction discounts, different room options, timed pool visits and more!



Big huge thanks to the Chelsea, Little Canada and Ripley’s Aquarium for hosting us – we had a blast!

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