Nintendo – It’s Really Fun for the Whole Family

The kids have been saving up their allowance for months and months in the hopes that they could afford a Nintendo Switch and some games to play.  During the summer, with a little help from mom (me) and some PC points the kids were finally able to buy their switch.

One thing I can say for sure is Nintendo really does keep the family unit in mind when creating their consoles and games.  Over the past couple of of months the 4 of us have been having so much fun playing alone, together or against each other.  We have a handful of games and I thought that we could quickly explain what games we are loving and why!


Shaun (dad)

Favourite Game – Right now my favourite game on The Nintendo switch is Super Strike League. Why? Cause it’s a soccer mix and I grew up playing house league soccer and loved it. I recall one season we were the last place team going into the finals and we won the cup!!  Back to the reason why I like SSL, i feel it has a sense of super smash brothers built into this game play as well.

Favourite Character – My go to characters in all “Mario” themed games are Luigi and Yoshi.  It must be the colour green!

Why do you love this game?  It’s a family game that everyone can play. You can play online with the global community. I can trash talk and lay the smack down!! 😀


Shane (10)

Favourite Game – Mario Strikers Battle League is my favourite game on Nintendo switch

Favourite Character – my favourite character is bowser. I like Bowser because he is good at shooting so there is a higher chance of the ball getting you a goal and he is strong so he can tackle players.

Why do you love this game? It’s a sports game and you can attach gears to the player to make your player better. You can only get player upgrades with gold to get gold you need to complete cups and win matches. 


Aria (9) 

Favourite Game – My favourite game on Nintendo Switch is Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Favourite Character – My favourite character is Kirby.

Why do you love this game? – I love this game because you can play with your whole family. I also love this game because there are tons of characters to choose from. This game is great you can change the cpu difficulty and there is adventure mode. In adventure mode you defeat all of the enemies and get back your crew.


Amy (mom)

Favourite Game – Mario Kart Deluxe

Favourite Character – Toadette – even though I know I would probably have a better outcome if I picked a heavier character, I just think she is so awesome!

Why do you love this game?  I absolutely love playing this game with my family.  It is one that we can all get involved in.  Sometimes we will play in teams and others it is every person for themselves!  It can get really competitive in a friendly way of course and it is just so fun.  I think this is a perfect starter game for families that get a Nintendo Switch.


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