Greenworks 22inch 80V Snow Thrower – Review

She Said:

One thing that we knew for sure in the fall is that we DID NOT want to go through another winter shovelling our driveway.  You see, we have an incredibly long driveway that could fit 3 minivans that is also shared with our neighbour.  So as I usually do, I reached out to our Instagram community to see who had snow throwers and what they loved or didn’t love about it.  The good folks at Greenworks reached out and said they would send us a Snow Thrower in exchange for honest feedback. We of course were thrilled and excited for the opportunity.  

Shaun will get into the tech and nitty gritty of the snow thrower so stay tuned.  

Until today – Shaun had been the main user of the snow thrower, leaving me to watch him.  Remember the size of my driveway?  Shaun completed both ours, our neighbour’s and the sidewalks in under 15 minutes.  Well, today after our most recent storm I popped downstairs, grabbed the battery off the charger and headed into the garage to give it a go by myself.  It was honestly really simple, and in a matter of minutes I was on the driveway clearing all the snow we got overnight.  Of course, just minutes before I got outside the snow plow came by leaving all the hard and heavy snow behind.  This snow was definitely a little more challenging to get rid of than the freshly fallen snow.  I quickly learned that taking it slow with the super hard stuff and I would be able to clear it.  When all was said and done today, I cleared all the snow and still had charge left in my battery.

Last year Shaun mentioned that he was also was interested in getting the Greenworks Leaf Blower to use as a smaller version of a snow thrower.  I thought it was a little strange, but it was on sale over the Black Friday weekend so I got it for him for Christmas.  The great thing is that Greenworks tools batteries are interchangeable making it really easy to change from one tool to another.  

He Said:

So let’s be clear I was on the fence to pickup an electric snow thrower is 2022. I have a level 2 charger in my garage for my EV so I was hoping to find a corded electric snow thrower. After reading MANY online reviews I wasn’t finding one that I was confident in.I hear gas lasts a long time but I often hear at least one or two not starting during the season, I had that issue with my lawn mower and I’m looking to remove the annual maintenance.

I started looking at 40V snow throwers, this opened up a whole new world of options. I already have a WORX lawn mower and edger so naturally I was leaning towards this brand. I was hesitant because I realized throwers have different stages. The higher the stage (typical max for home use is 2) the further the throw or the type of snow is can consume. I noticed the 40V had a single power setting and single stage and figured this would not cut it with our driveway and the amount of snow we get in a year.

I was discussing with Amy (and Instagram) and a few days later an 80V snow thrower shows up and my search was over. If you want the specs you can find it here. I will share my experience so far.

Before we begin, my experience as a snow specialist:

  • 4 decades of playing in the snow
  • 2.5 decades clearing snow pathways and laneways
  • All by hand, the old fashioned way with new tools added within the last decade

Present tools of choice:

  1. Ice breaker (or garden edger – depending on the season)
  2. Generic Shovel
  3. Wheel barrow style shovel
  4. New addition 80V 22inch

Initial Thoughts

  • The charger is loud but it also charges the batteries quick (as it is a fast charge the fan keeps the battery cool)
  • Putting it together was simple 
  • First snow fall the batteries were kept warm in doors, before use. I keep the snow thrower stored in my attached garage, its not heated but is insulated. While the batteries are charging, they are indoors. The first snow fall was about 4 – 5 inches and this machine can handle it. Dealing with the snow plow dump at the end of your driveway, it can handle it but a two stage.  It can “handle it” but it will work hard. 
  • The chute control is really smooth and easy to change. It’s high on the handle and I had zero problems moving it around. The angle of the chute is great if your neighbour is close by, you don’t want your snow on their yard or driveway. I noticed if the chute is close to 100 degree and the snow is thick, it’s possible the chute will get jammed. It’s a quick fix but just something to be aware of. Keeping the chute open with an angle greater than 100 will prevent a clogged chute.
  • So after a few snow falls of the light-n-fluffy, wet-n-heavy, snow plowed laneway I can say, I sweat less this year clearing snow thanks to this new addition to the shed.


Take it from us – do not go another winter shovelling and get yourself a Greenworks Snow Thrower, and now is the perfect time.  Right now they have some really great sales you should check them out HERE


Disclaimer – The Snow Thrower was provided to us by Greenworks but all thoughts and feedback are honest and our own. Big thanks to Greenworks for providing the 22inch 80V Snow Thrower.

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