Toronto Adventures with Chelsea Hotel

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This past weekend the family made our way into the city to stay at our favourite family friendly hotel – the Chelsea Hotel.ย  We are always excited as a group to stay here because there is something for everyone and it is in the perfect location to get out and have an adventure.

As this isn’t our first visit to the Chelsea the kids knew that they immediately wanted to hit up the pool, so we quickly checked in, grabbed robes for the kids and headed straight there.ย  The kids pool has an awesome corkscrew slide that the kids just can’t get enough of.

There is also an adult only pool that Shaun and I will have to escape to some time soon! ๐Ÿ˜‰

We were super excited that our newly renovated room came with a TV with a chromecast – allowing the kids to cast a movie from the tablet that they brought along with them.ย  It really is the little things that make a huge difference when travelling with your family.

Shaun and I lived in the city for almost a decade, so being able to come into the city and show the kids our favourite spots, restaurants and just walk around is super fun for us.ย  The Chelsea Hotel is centrally located and there are so many places within walking distance making the trip super easy.

The weather could not have been better, and we were able to enjoy our breakfast on the patio!ย  I was grateful for good coffee and the kids loved the french toast strips. There were lots of options for breakfast from eggs and bacon, fruit and yogurts and of course fruit loop cereal that the kids had to have.

Before we headed out on our adventure to the CNE (the kids first time!)ย  we made sure to stop by the Teen Arcade and Game room.

For the first time on the blog, I have a couple of guest writers.ย  I wanted to get some short feedback from the kids to share their personal thoughts on our time at the Chelsea Hotel.

Shane (11 years old)

One of my favourite parts was the arcade, when I was at the arcade there was a retro game machine when me and dad played the first round was very close but in the end I ended up beating him. But in the second round the tables turned then I was the one who lost. After that we got on a subway then the streetcar soon after we got to the CNE! The CNE had very cool stuff that had fried chicken in a waffle cone! The CNE was very cool, I hope we can go again!

Aria (10 years old)

My favourite part of our trip to Chelsea hotel was the restaurant because they had lots of options, the french toast was SO GOOD. Another thing I liked was the CNE because my dad won me a toy and so did my brother. I also liked the arcade, and I played pac-man many times. My brother and I got to wear robes this visit and we love the pool.ย  I loved visiting the Chelsea hotel and I hope I can visit again soon.

The Chelsea Hotel was the official partner of the CNE and they had some awesome packages to stay and play.ย  Miss the CNE this year?ย  Not too worry, the hotel will be partnering with the CNE again next year!ย  Check out the short reel below to get our full experience.


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Many thanks to the Chelsea Hotel for hosting us – we always have such an amazing time.

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