Tineco – The Perfect Wet/Dry Family Vacuum

I want to be completely honest with you…..when I was first approached by the good folks at Tineco I was a little apprehensive.  We had tried out a  Wet/Dry vacuum earlier this year and after a couple of weeks of use it stopped working, and when it did work it didn’t do a super fantastic job.  I didn’t want to start collecting vacuums that just didn’t do what they are supposed to.

The honeymoon period for this vacuum was perfect, it did exactly what I wanted it to do and more.  Cleaned up all our messes, came with more than one brush head so I could easily switch in and out.  Talked me to and told me when I should change water and do a self clean.  It was perfect!  But I wanted to wait until I spread the news because I had been scorned before.

I can confidently say, that months later it is still working amazingly.  We use it on a daily basis as our home is all hard flooring!  It is perfect for all types of messes and I am often amazed (and disgusted) by what is coming out of the dirty water tank.  I also asked the kids if they wanted to write a bit about why they love the vacumm because they switch chores every day and cleaning the kitchen floors after dinner can sometimes be a bit messy.

Shane – 11

Hi my name is Shane and I will be telling you why I like our new vacuum. 1st this vacuum alerts you when your water tank is empty and when your dirty water tank is full. 2nd it has a self cleaning mode so when you charge it it will tell you to run the self cleaning. Finally it has a app so you can connect your vacuum to your mobile phone!

This is one of the best vacuums I’ve every used and I think you should get it too.


Aria – 10

Hey, I’m Aria, and I love the new Tineco vacuum because its part vacuum, part mop, and it tells you when to empty the dirty water tank and when to fill the water+soap tank as well. This is the best vacuum I’ve ever used.



Check out us putting the vaccuum to the test when we carved pumpkins at home.  The pumpkin guts were no match for our vac!



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We have left the absolute best to last to let you know that Best Buy already has their Black Friday deals live for Tineco Vacuums.  You do not want to miss out the HUGE discounts online and in store now!  Check them out HERE


Big thanks to Tineco for the S5 Extreme, it truly is a dream vacuum.

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