Dash Cam fun with the Worrells


He Said:

When Amy asked me if I wanted to review a dash cam, I did think much of it, why? I already had one.

I really only used it to capture the “wtf” moments  on the road and it worked well.  To install it I had to take out my old dash cam to make room for the new. I was happy with the old one wasn’t anything fancy, but it worked.

The kit that came with the Nextbase 422GW had everything I needed to complete the DIY installation in my driveway. The Nextbase install was a breeze, the hard part was accessing my passenger fuse panel, but after 20 minutes or so it was installed and we were ready to go. To complete the install I had the wiring kit with the rear view camera, the quick release mount and the 422GW.

Now on to the differences. To get footage from my old camera I would connect via wifi in the car and download over wifi or if I wanted more than a clip, I would take out the microSD and pop it into my PC. I didn’t know there was a better way. The quick release mount and the lightening fast USB data transfer with the 422GW makes moving more than one clip a seamless process.

The camera also has Alexa voice commands that allows a bunch of hands free functions. I have only used it a few times but I can see the benefits of the camera being voice operated. I was hoping to see commands like Alexa protect this recording or protect the previous 30 seconds. Hey, maybe a firmware update will bring this feature but for now it can help turn on the lights at home or provide directions.

The APP on mobile worked well to transfer files. There’s an option to download the high quality or low quality recording. The low quality is great for just capturing the moment, I mean, I could still see license plates and signs in low quality. If you want to read it, the high quality will allow you to read it and see more clearly. The APP on the PC was not as smooth as the android app and my PC needed a reboot after the first install before it worked. The problem I experienced was the video would load but it would not play. I did a reboot and update, and the problem disappeared.



The APP also does not stay permanently installed on the PC. You have to install it each time before use. For storage there is an option to try cloud storage free for 30days through MyNextbase Cloud. You can also upload your finished clip to YouTube. Alternatively you can also save and post to where ever you choose, I saved locally and posted separately (I was not comfortable with the personal information shared in the APP).




Video editing allows basic features like linking videos, clip length, title and annotation, nothing fancy but enough to share straight to your social if you want.

Comparing this model to my previous dashcam this one is an HUGE improvement with ease of use and options of rear and forward facing!


She Said:

I never thought much about having a dashcam in my car, until fairly recently actually.  I have had a couple of close calls of other drivers almost causing an accident.  Knowing that I would have video proof that is easily accessible gives a little peace of mind when driving.

Oh and of course I love when Shaun shares videos of things that he see’s out on his drives.   With our previous dashcam Shaun would have to run out to the car and use wifi to download things.  Now, he just quickly pops it off the windshield and brings it inside to quickly download.

I love that Shaun was able to put in the tear camera and take photos of us in the driveway, just for fun!

Nextbase has several different options of dashcams for all sorts of needs and they can be found at Best Buy HERE

Whether you are a tech enthusiast, a parent of a new driver or a person who drives for a living there is a camera for everyone at all different price points.

If you are thinking about getting one for someone on your Christmas List – now is the time!  Looks like Best Buy has a sale and an offer for a gift with purchase! Check it out! 

Big thanks to our friends at Nextbase for our camera, we are really enjoying it.

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